Learning path - 7 courses 

Enphase PV installation certification training

The Enphase Solar certification is designed for solar professionals who perform the tasks of designing, installing, and commissioning Enphase Solar installations.

 The Enphase Learning Path is a self-paced training and takes approximately 5 hours (incorporating learning and assessment time) to complete.

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Learning outcomes:

After completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of designing and installing Enphase microinverters.
  • Successfully design Enphase systems that comply to AS/NZS 4777, AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 5033.
  • Complete an installation of Enphase microinverters that follow installation best practices to meet Enphase system installation and warranty requirements.
  • Understand the commissioning steps to enable microinverter Grid connection to AS/NZS 4777 (Grid connection of energy systems via inverters) requirements.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the specifications for each of the Enphase system components.
  • Identify microinverter specifications for solar PV modules to meet your installation compliance when applying for small-scale technology certificates (STCs).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of correct methodology for current transformer (CT) installation steps.

Assessment requirements

To successfully complete your Enphase solar PV certification, you need to complete the courses in sequence. There are seven courses. Each Course focusses on a specific learning topic.

A number of Lessons with assessments, are required to be completed for successful completion of each Course.

Each Lesson Assessment has a minimum pass rate of 65%. You have specified number of attempts for each Lesson assessment. If you don't pass after the maximum required number of attempts, you will be redirected to view the lesson video again. Upon successful completion of each Lesson, you are required to complete a Course assessment.

Upon completion of all Courses, you are required to complete the Enphase Solar PV installer certification assessment. This final assessment has a minimum pass rate which you are required to achieve to be awarded your Enphase Solar PV installer certification.

Feedback and Support

Please refer to the Get Help section to view FAQs, and also Enphase University contact details if you require any additional support for your Learning experience.

It's very helpful and excellent for people who take pride in their work. I like how I much I learned about things I thought I knew all about.

Tyler Giansante

Electrician, May Electric Solar