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We want to make your learning journey a success! If you have questions about Enphase University, courses, or certifications, we are here to help. Review the FAQs below or contact us directly for immediate support. using your Enlighten log in credentials.

Why can I log into Enlighten, but not into Enphase University?

If you are having trouble logging into Enphase University with your Enlighten password, please try resetting your password in Enlighten and then logging into Enphase University again. If this still does not resolve your issue, please reach out to us on the form above.

What happens after I sign up for a learning path?

Following successful login to Enphase University you will be prompted to select and submit a learning path for approval. You will receive email authorization to proceed within one business day. Following receipt of the email, you may access your course work.

How can I change my existing email ID to a new email ID in Enphase University? 

Submit your request using the form here. Select the Query category as 'Change in profile email ID.' Provide your current email ID and new email ID. Note: Your new email address must be associated with a new or existing Enlighten user account. 

*Please do not log in to Enphase University using the new email ID until you have received a confirmation email from Enphase University that the change has been made.

How can I get support using the Enphase University portal?

Submit your support requests using the form here. We strive to reply to inquires within 2-business days.

How can I provide feedback?

Submit your feedback using the form here. We appreciate any/all feedback that can help improve our programs and learning outcomes.

Is Enphase University an educational institution?

Enphase University is the training organization of the company Enphase Energy, Inc.

What is the Ensemble Installation Certification training?

Ensemble Installation Certification training is the learning path on Enphase University that trains you to install and commission Ensemble systems. Completion of the certification ensures that you have the verified competency to successfully install the solution. Certification is required to commission an Ensemble system.

Are there pre-requisites to the Ensemble Installation Certification training?

It is highly recommended that new Ensemble training registrants be familiar with solar installation in general, and Enphase product design and installation in particular. Solar system design and installation knowledge is critical to understanding various Ensemble technology use cases, system sizing and design, as well as system commissioning.

If I achieve the Ensemble Installation Certification does it mean that I am also certified to install other Enphase products like microinverters?

No. Ensemble Installation Certification is for installation and commissioning of Ensemble energy management technology solutions.

When will a solar certification be offered?

An Enphase Solar Installation Certification will launch by Q1 2021.

Are Enphase University trainings authorized for NABCEP continuing education units (CEUs)?

Yes. Each certification has NABCEP CEUs associated with it. Course credits for the online portion of the Ensemble Installation Certification can be found here.

Additionally, CEUs will be available for the face-to-face, hands-on training required to complete the Ensemble Installation Certification.

Do I have to be part of a company to become an Ensemble Certified Installer?

If you have a valid Enlighten user ID you may access Enphase University training even if you are not currently associated with a company. Keep in mind that certified installers must be associated with an installation company to complete commissioning of an Ensemble system. The installation company may be your own firm.

How is certification achieved?

Certification is achieved by completing all the coursework on your learning path and passing a certification assessment. Some certifications, like the Ensemble Installation Certification, require that you attend a face-to-face, hands-on training following completion of online prerequisites. Since face-to-face training and hands-on learning is temporarily on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have launched a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification. Following the reopening of hands-on trainings, a provisional certification may be converted into a full certification by attending hands-on Ensemble training.

What is a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has upended our ability to meet for hands-on training, Enphase is offering a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification to enable you to install Ensemble systems before full certification is achieved. Installers will be able to earn a provisional certification in three steps:

  1. Complete online Ensemble Installation Certification coursework through this portal (~5 hours)
  2. Pass the Certification Assessment after completing the online training (~2 hours)
  3. Participate in our Certification Support Program to include:
    • Pre-installation design review
    • Site installation photo review
    • Post-install test sequence checklist and review

To achieve full certification, installers holding a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification will be required to attend the one-day, hands-on training at a regional training center within one quarter of trainings reopening.

What is the Certification Support Program?

The Certification Support Program is designed to support installers who have completed their online Ensemble Installation Certification coursework and passed the final assessment, but haven't yet had time with the equipment in a hands-on training class. Upon completion of your Ensemble Installation Certification you will be automatically enrolled in the Certification Support Program and provided with details to learn more.

How can full certification be achieved?

All installers holding a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification can achieve full certification by attending a hands-on Ensemble training class at one of our Regional Training Centers within one quarter of the training center re-openings. In addition, our mobile classroom training van can be scheduled for your site if you have at least 6 crew members to certify. To schedule mobile training when it becomes available, please contact your Enphase Account Manager.

Do I have to get recertified when products change in the form of updates, additions or new versions?

The need for recertification or continuing education will be based on the complexity of the product update. Additional training requirements will be communicated on a product-by-product basis.

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