Technology update course - 1 course

Enpower August 2021 technology update (breaker swap)

This brief course covers the Enpower technology update of August 2021 which is a change of breaker positions in the busbar.

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Learning path - 5 courses

Enphase Storage sales certification training

Enphase Storage sales certification training was created for solar sales professionals who wish to augment their current repertoire with a highly reliable and customizable energy storage solution.

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This learning path includes a soft skills refresher on value selling, as well as a deeper dive into the unique value proposition of the Enphase Storage solution. You’ll learn techniques for handling common objections, best practices for energy storage sizing and how to best align your value message with your customers’ needs.

Learning path - 3 courses

Enphase Storage design certification training

The Enphase Storage design certification training learning path is oriented to the solar professional in the area of energy storage and energy management.

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In this learning path you will learn first the regulatory background that influences the design of Energy Storage Systems. Then you will get to follow all the steps of site survey and load analysis leading to the system sizing and design primarily oriented to solar with storage for whole home and partial home backup. Then you do actual designs of complete systems. At the end you learn how to design a system using features from the Enphase storage system including Auxiliary contacts, Power Control System and Generator support.

Ruta de capacitación: 8 cursos

Capacitación en línea para la certificación de instalador de almacenamiento de Enphase

Desde compartir con clientes el poder de la tecnología de Enphase a entender la actualización de cada generación de microinversores usted va a recibir todo lo que necesita para ser experto en Almacenamiento de Enphase.

Certificación de instalación de Almacenamiento Enphase. Se da en dos etapas hasta que se puedan dar los cursos prácticos en persona. La primera etapa es la certificación provisoria y está compuesta de tres pasos que le permiten instalar equipos de Almacenamiento Enphase hasta que obtenga la certificación final que es la segunda etapa.

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Primera etapa para certificación provisoria

  1. Completar el curso por Internet con una duración de aproximadamente 5 horas.
  2. Pasar los exámenes de evaluación (aproximadamente 2 horas)
  3. Quedar inscripto en el programa de apoyo a la certificación que incluye la revisión, del diseño previo a la instalación, la evaluación de las fotos del sitio de instalación, la lista de verificación de funcionamiento después de la instalación y la revisión.

Después de aprobar los exámenes por Internet se obtienen 4.5 horas NABCEP.

Segunda etapa para certificación final
Los instaladores que hayan aprobado la primera etapa de la certificación provisoria tienen que asistir a un curso práctico en persona sobre la instalación de sistemas de Almacenamiento Enphase. El curso se da en un centro regional de capacitación dentro de los tres meses posteriores a la reapertura de los cursos debido a las restricciones sanitarias.

Después de asistir al curso práctico en persona se obtienen 6 horas NABCEP.

Learning path - 8 courses 

Enphase Storage installation certification training

From sharing the power of Enphase Storage technology with homeowners, to understanding the upgrade options for each generation of Enphase microinverter, you’ll get everything you need to become an Enphase Storage technology expert.

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Courses include:

  • System creation and access using Enphase Installer Toolkit
  • Encharge Storage system and technology
  • Encharge Storage system site preparation and planning
  • Encharge sizing and design
  • Installation of Enphase Storage technology metering and control components
  • Enpower smart switch installation
  • Encharge installation
  • System commissioning using the Enphase Installer Toolkit

Part one
  • 1 Complete online Enphase Storage installation certification coursework through this portal. (~5 hours).
  • 2 Pass the Enphase Storage certification assessment after completing the online training prerequisites. (~2 hours).
  • 3 Enroll in our certification support program that includes pre-installation design and site installation photo review, post-install test sequence checklist and review.

NABCEP CEUs earned upon successful completion: 4.5

Part two

To achieve full Enphase Storage installation certification, installers will be required to attend the one-day, hands-on Enphase Storage technology training at a regional training center.

NABCEP CEUs earned upon successful completion: 6

Add-on qualification course

Power Control Systems (PCS) for Enphase Storage

This course is for Enphase storage certified installers and required to install and implement PCS in Enphase storage systems.

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The Power Control Systems learning path explains the objective and the use cases. It identifies the components for Enphase PCS and the location of CTs (Current transformers) for PCS. It explains how the import-only mode avoids installation of NGOM meter and how PCS software avoids the main panel upgrade, and explains how to configure MPU Avoidance using the ITK.

Add-on qualification course

Load Control for Enphase Storage

This course is for Enphase storage certified installers and required to install and implement Load Control in Enphase storage systems.

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This learning path is about how to design a system using Load Control to disconnect large loads when the grid fails, and shed PV circuits to comply with the recommended PV to battery ratio during the grid outage. It covers the components required to implement normally open and normally closed Load Control action, and the role of the Installer Toolkit app in programming load and PV shedding.

Add-on qualification course

Generator support 1 & 2 for Enphase Storage

This course is for Enphase storage certified installers and required to install and implement generator support in Enphase storage systems.

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The Generator Support learning path will cover the AC wiring between the generator output and Enpower, and the manual start procedure for a 2-wire start generator. It will explain the location, orientation and wiring of CTs for consumption and the generator. It covers the default status of the generator in terms of being allowed to charge the batteries.

Percurso de aprendizagem - 8 cursos

Curso de Instalador Solar FV Enphase

O Curso de Instalador Solar FV Enphase é projetado para profissionais solares que realizam as tarefas de projeto, instalação e comissionamento de sistemas fotovoltaicos de Enphase.

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Learning path - 8 courses

Enphase Solar PV installation certification training

The Enphase Solar certification is designed for solar professionals who perform the tasks of designing, installing and commissioning the Enphase Solar install.

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Add-on course - 1 course

Enphase Commercial & Industrial solutions with IQ 7

In this course you will learn about using the Enphase IQ 7 family of microinverters on commercial and industrial sites.

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Stand-alone course

CT essentials

The CT essentials learning path provides brief details about installation requirements for production and consumption CTs.

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CT essentials also includes review of line tracing and wire phasing as these are the most common challenges impacting CT placement and successful metering installation.

It's very helpful and excellent for people who take pride in their work. I like how I much I learned about things I thought I knew all about.

Tyler Giansante

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