Learning path

Ensemble™ energy management technology installation certification training

Enphase University is launching with Ensemble technology installation training. From sharing the power of Ensemble technology with homeowners, to understanding the upgrade options for each generation of Enphase microinverter, you’ll get everything you need to become an Ensemble technology expert. Courses include:

  • System creation and access using Enphase Installer Toolkit
  • Encharge storage system and technology
  • Encharge storage system site preparation and planning
  • Encharge storage system sizing and design
  • Installation of Ensemble technology metering and control components
  • Enpower smart switch installation
  • Encharge storage system installation
  • System commissioning using the Enphase Installer Toolkit

Available Now

Two-part Ensemble installation training

Until we can meet again for hands-on training, Enphase is offering a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification in three steps to enable you to install Ensemble systems before your full certification is achieved.

Part one
  • 1 Complete online Ensemble installation certification coursework through this portal. (~5 hours).
  • 2 Pass the Ensemble certification assessment after completing the online training prerequisites. (~2 hours).
  • 3 Enroll in our certification support program that includes pre-installation design and site installation photo review, post-install test sequence checklist and review.

NABCEP CEUs earned upon successful completion: 4.5

Part two

To achieve full Ensemble Installation Certification, installers holding a Provisional Ensemble Installation Certification from the online coursework (Part One) will be required to attend the one-day, hands-on Ensemble technology training at a regional training center within one business quarter (three months) of the trainings reopening.

NABCEP CEUs earned upon successful completion: 7

Learning path

Ensemble design certification training

The Ensemble Design Certification training learning path is oriented to the solar professional in the area of energy storage and energy management.

It covers topics from sizing and design foundations that support the majority of grid-interactive solar with storage solutions to specific use cases in back-up power and energy optimization in the growing market of microgrids implementation. The training focuses on the designer’s end-product of single-line diagrams, autonomy specifications, bill of materials and components layout and is based on real-world examples to ensure your customers' expectations are met.

Available Q1 2021

Learning path

Ensemble sales certification training

Ensemble Sales Certification training was created for the solar sales professional who wishes to augment their current repertoire with a highly reliable and customizable energy storage solution.

This learning path includes a soft skills refresher on value selling, as well as a deeper dive into the unique value proposition of the Enphase Ensemble energy management solution. You’ll learn techniques for handling common objections, best practices for energy storage sizing and how to best align your value message with your customers’ needs.

Available Q1 2021

It's very helpful and excellent for people who take pride in their work. I like how I much I learned about things I thought I knew all about.

Tyler Giansante

Electrician, May Electric Solar